How to buy the best spinning reel

spinning reelSpinning reels are the most popular kinds of reels amongst serious anglers. This is because they are easy to handle. If fishing is something you enjoy then you know the importance of getting the right gear. You need to get the right gear for the type of fishing you wish to do. High-quality gear is expensive but when it comes to spinning reels quality should not be compromised for money so be prepared to spend some money.

Construction of the spinning reel

Spinning reels must be strong enough to handle loads and withstand the shock of the fish on the bait. The strength of the spinning reel can be attributed to the configuration of the metal shaft and gears. These pieces are made of precision engineered metal and they are designed to fit perfectly together and work in unison on the line when it is being pulled. In addition to being made of quality component, fishing reel also need to be corrosion resistant.

What to look for when buying best spinning reel.

There are other things that one needs to consider when buying a spinning reel in addition to the robust construction features. Other things to look for when buying best spinning reel are:

  • You need to check whether the spinning reel is braid friendly. This means that if you plan to fish for a wider variety of fish in different places then make sure that the spinning reel works well with mono fishing lines as well as braided lines.
  • The bail is a thin curved wire on top of the reel rotor. The bail ensures that the line does not move from the spool, it lets the line off the spool and guides it back. Spinning reels have a gear ratio that indicates the number of times the bail should spin with each turn of the handle. A 4:1 ratio is considered to be slow whilst 6:1 is considered fast. This ratio is important for anglers who fish with lures. Spinning reels with a high gear ratio have much faster lure speed in the water and a faster retrieval rate.
  • Spinning reels are designed to help anglers catch fish more efficiently. There is a built-in feature that is meant to stop fish pulling and snapping the line off and it is called drag. Drag consists of a system of washers inside the reel housing that allow the fishing line to deploy under pressure. The average angler can hang on to a fishing rod with 20 pounds of drag for a couple of minutes. The drag system helps you put up a fight against large and spirited fish.

When it comes to fishing: skills, equipment and knowledge will make angling fun and enjoyable and with the right spinning reel, you might just catch a championship-sized fish.

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